Most people are unable to participate fully in society. Some are barely able to participate at all. They live at its margins, their value not recognized and their potential unrealized. Society is poorer as a result.

The Inclusivity Trust was established to implement new policies and practices that deliver sustainable human prosperity. The emerging economic theories, which are increasingly confirmed by evidence, predict society becomes more productive and more successful when it becomes equitable, inclusive and humane.

When we put human prosperity at the heart of economic and social practice, we enhance the quality of life throughout society. To achieve this outcome, we are working on new initiatives in four areas: economics and prosperity, accounting, governance and implementation.


The principles behind Inclusivity are:

  • Everyone has equal instrisic value.
  • Everyone should have equal opportunity to fulfill their potential
  •  Removing the barriers to people reaching their potential enriches humanity. It unlocks greater productivity, causes more effective distribution of wealth, and delivers an improved quality of life for everyone.
  •  An enabling culture is underpinned through better engagement with our positive universal values, such as collaboration, integrity and respect for others.


Our goals are to:

  • change the perception of what is valuable to society.
  • establish an economic and social framework based on realising everyone’s value to society and their potential contribution.
  • introduce a more holisitic, values-based approach throughout society.
  • gain acceptance for economic measures linked to society’s well-being.