We contribute to society to deliver greater means to achieve wellbeing than we can achieve on our own. Society manufactures goods and services that deliver greater means to satisfy our needs, wants and hopes.

Internally, our brains assess the opportunities society has delivered to our doorstep, along with what we may have been able to generate on our own. It processes how to make use of what is at our disposal in the way we assess best meets our unique needs, wants and hopes. How well we make use of the opportunities depends on our wellbeing capacity.

Ways to nurture our wellbeing capacity include:

  • Developing reflective practices, such as mindfulness – to become more aware of our bodily and emotional needs
  • Developing emotional intelligence – to strengthen relationships
  • Engaging with nature – to nourish our inherent connection with the world around us
  • Engaging in respectful dialog with others – to nourish our sense of mutual understanding and connectedness