Wellbeing Economics

This section sets out the wellbeing economic model that explains and predicts wellbeing outcomes for society, based on the foundational pillars determined by its government’s policy and its social culture.

Aligned Business

This section describes the role of business in generating wellbeing and ways we can develop business practice that is better aligned with society’s wellbeing objectives.

Social Impact Accounting

This section explains the limitations of current methods used by organisations to account for their social impact. It proposes an alternative method of accounting, based on an emerging understanding of the role organisations play in influencing social culture.

In particular, it proposes a new accounting standard for the objective and independently assessable reporting of social impact. It allows managers, investors, all other stakeholders and governments to compare organisations. This allows a series of tools through which we can incentivise organisations to take greater responsibility to manage and align their social impact with society’s objectives.

Resources and Articles

This section sets out Resources and Articles relating to the Wellbeing Economy


This section sets out a number of case studies/real life implementations of Wellbeing Economic principles