The Inclusivity Project’s Wellbeing Narrative

We need a new narrative to support cultural awareness and acceptance of a wellbeing economy. Below is the Inclusivity Project’s Wellbeing Narrative.

Some of its highlights:

  • We are all in this together (our outcomes are completely dependent on each other)
  • We have to live within our means (more terrifying disasters will befall humanity if we do not respect nature’s bounties and boundaries)
  • The goal of Society is to build wellbeing, not money (we need to switch from a status-seeking to life-affirming culture)
  • Our reward system needs a complete overhaul (we need to move from rewarding exploitation to rewarding contribution to society)
  • Our cultures need to evolve (to release everyone’s potential to contribute fully to society)

An Open-Source Framework for a Wellbeing Society

The open-source framework is a resource for anyone working on any part of the wellbeing narrative. It sets out the key narratives required for a successful wellbeing society/economy and provides an explanation of the role each component of the framework plays in painting the overall picture.

It is a project open to anyone who wants to contribute to the framework to consolidate their work/ideas with others. Contributors must demonstrate the relevance of their proposals to the success of a wellbeing economy/society.