The Books for Better World series is a series of books that set out an economic, political and social framework to create a next-generation society that is better targeted towards the needs of its people. Its goal is to maximise the aggregate quality of life of members of society, the people who power and consume all future progress.

The first in the series, Designs for a Better World, explores the past successes of society and explores some of the current limitations of the way we structure society. It provides specific solutions that remove the obstacles to a fairer, wealthier and more fulfilled society. The second in the series, Models for a Better World, introduces the Social Framework, a unifying framework that links the diverse economic theories that focus on human wellbeing as the objective for society. The third in the series, Policies for a Better World, has not yet been written. It will set out a number of policies for governments and organisations to adopt to implement the concepts set out in the series.

The books are available from the links in the table bleow:

Book Title Physical Book Kindle PDF
1. Designs for a Better World (£10) (£5) Download (free)
2. Models for a Better World (£5) (£2) Download (free)
3. Policies for a Better World TBA TBA TBA