The goal of society is prosperity for its members.

Traditional GDP includes all monetary economic activity. It accounts for both monetary wealth creation and extraction without distinction. It does not account for significant aspects of human experiences, such as relationships, health (measuring instead the spend on alleviating some sickness), self-esteem and stress.

Valueism is the term we use to describe how value creation delivers long term results for both businesses and society. It offers a positive direction for capitalism in the 21st Century. It advocates the pursuit of human-centred value creation, with a view to achieving sustainable prosperity for all.


Long-term success has been shown to come to businesses that focus on their social impact. It requires collaboration in the process of co-creating value among all stakeholders. But such wide collaboration for the purpose of value creation requires a deep understanding of the way each participating entity defines value — the value to be created must include value to them for being a part of the process.

The Strategic Management Forum is an arm of the Inclusivity Trust through which we promote business practices whose objective is value creation.

Our accounting implementation overlays Capitalism with a financial incentive to business to align its activities with social and environmental objectives.

Our governance implementation supports:

  • Organisation Resilience
    – Risk
    – Reputation
  • Social Contract
  • Environmental Stewardship

Our business implementation offers:

  • Conferences/training in Valueism, offering insight into business principles and practical implementation of Valueism
  • Direct training/consulting in Valueism, value-creation strategies, and Valueist principles and practices for business